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Recover from sport injuries, prepare for next challenge

Do you have to be an athlete yourself to be a good sports physiotherapist? Even though many therapists might say "no", I disagree.

All too often when an athlete is injured, the best recommendation is to rest. But resting for an athlete is often unbearable.

I personally use both my theoretical knowledge (D.U. in sports physiotherapy in 2007) and practical knowledge (I have worked with many top-level athletes in various sports). I try to limit the time of inactivity as much as possible and get back on track as quickly as possible, protecting the trauma while respecting the healing time.

The athlete then lives through this difficult period better and returns quicker to his or her best level.

For this I use the following techniques:

  • manual therapy

  • tecartherapy

  • contention or TAPE

  • sports rehabilitation exercises

  • accompanied return to training

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As a running specialist I know what runners go through

Since I was a teenager, I have always been a runner.

At first on track with middle distance, then on road (10km, half marathon, marathon) and finally on trail and ultra-trail (Grand Raid de La Reunion , Transmartinique...).

At the same time, I have treated many runners, each with their own pathologies, special equipment and specific preparations.

Everytime a runner tells me about knee pain at the 20th kilometre, an ankle sprain in a mountain descent, the marathon wall, a “windscreen wiper syndrome” that wouldn’t heal: I know what it means.

In addition, my knowledge in nutrition allows me to take care of these athletes thoroughly for optimum performance.

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